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Spring Easter Mini Sessions | Denver Colorado Toddler Children Photographer

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Mr Sawyer came to se me for his Easter portraits this year and got to have fun with our cute little bunny. He’s grown so much since the last time I saw him in our studio. We had to work hard for those smiles this time, because last session he did nothing but smile for me. But Mommy found the secret word… ICE CREAM! Yep.. Mom mentioned Ice Cream and this little guy just started smiling big time. But I really like some of his serious portraits too 😉


Denver Colorado Children Photographer

Three weeks officially down for summer vacation…

And that means all playtime right?

Well I know my son’s teachers said he needs to work on reading over the summer, which is a good idea for all kids. Reading throughout the week and working on math as well, so it keeps their brains in great shape over the summer.

Because I know if my son had his way, he would probably choose to play on the Wii or his Nintendo DS all summer long and kill brain cells.

But I’ve come across some fun ideas on Pinterest that I think are pretty neat and maybe you and your child will too 😀

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I think this summer reading kit is awesome and you can print it out and use it with your little ones at home and get them excited about reading too 🙂

Just check out the link below…

Summer Reading Kit Here


I hope you little ones  have fun reading this summer.

We are going to try to read 100 books before school starts again 😀