Boudoir Photographer Denver Thornton CO area

Blush Boudoir Photography has a new Boudoir prop Set Up and would love to find some amazing gals here in the Denver area to help us try them out! We are looking for some amazing ladies, of any age, height or size to help us. Do you know what’s awesome about being a Model for Blush Boudoir Photography? Getting pampered and feeling like a model! Also there will be Champaign and a FREE Boudoir Photo Session for those who would like to help us out! Doesn’t that sound exciting?! We have an awesome natural light studio located in Thornton Colorado with a beautiful bed set up, leather couch, and much more….

Our Models will receive a free boudoir session and free portraits, but must be able to schedule professional hair and makeup with one of our Boudoir Studio’s hair and makeup artists; they must also sign a Model Release so we can share your images online (nothing risqué’ though) ; and must be able to bring in some lingerie pieces that we think will work perfectly for you. We also have a variety of pieces in our Studio along with heels as well.

If this sounds like something you’d be up for, please contact us today at: