Hello ladies! My name is Brandy Caruso, the owner of “Blush Boudoir”. I was born and raised in South Georgia. Land of peaches, pecans and sweet tea! (subconsciously I read that part with a southern accent lol).  I grew up around my grandfather, who was a Navy photographer and then retired to become a wedding and portrait photographer working for himself. I have learned a lot over the years from him, and I’m very blessed to still be able to learn from him still today.

I married a handsome Marine and followed him to the coast of North Carolina for a few years. There we had our son and I began working on my portrait side of photography because I couldn’t find a photographer with the exact style I wanted to photograph our son. From there I started a path with my photography business… Brandy Caruso Photography. Lots of photography courses, workshops and second shooting with amazing wedding photographers, and I’m always trying to further my skill. Throughout the years, as my business has grown, I was surprised to hear from many of my clients that wanted to do boudoir photos, but they couldn’t find an option that was sexy but also tasteful and classy. I opened my boudoir portion of my studio to try and provide an option for women who wanted to feel beautiful and sexy, but not at the expense of her dignity. Being a boudoir photographer taught me that there’s nothing sexier in a woman than confidence (and perhaps just a little bit of mystery). Certainly good makeup, nice light, and a flattering pose can do wonders, but I know that making my ladies feel confident and secure in themselves is always a must.

This year I’m very excited to expand and create “Blush Boudoir”, and have a separate site just for boudoir and other fun things for all the Denver ladies. Every step of my journey as a photographer has changed me in some way and taught me something that I didn’t know before. Over time, I have learned that my greatest passion lies in making women of all ages, skin color and sizes, feel good about themselves, and I’m so excited to be able to use my photography as a way to do that! I truly believe that every woman is uniquely beautiful and I want to create an environment where you feel energized, pampered, safe and beautiful! My all female team (myself and our awesome stylists) will make you feel right at home from the moment you walk through the door. I will be your cheerleader through the whole session, coaching you through poses and expressions. You will have such a blast during your boudoir experience!

I hope to see you in the studio!





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