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Blush Boudoir Photography has a new Boudoir prop Set Up and would love to find some amazing gals here in the Denver area to help us try them out! We are looking for some amazing ladies, of any age, height or size to help us. Do you know what’s awesome about being a Model for Blush Boudoir Photography? Getting pampered and feeling like a model! Also there will be Champaign and a FREE Boudoir Photo Session for those who would like to help us out! Doesn’t that sound exciting?! We have an awesome natural light studio located in Thornton Colorado with a beautiful bed set up, leather couch, and much more….

Our Models will receive a free boudoir session and free portraits, but must be able to schedule professional hair and makeup with one of our Boudoir Studio’s hair and makeup artists; they must also sign a Model Release so we can share your images online (nothing risquΓ©’ though) ; and must be able to bring in some lingerie pieces that we think will work perfectly for you. We also have a variety of pieces in our Studio along with heels as well.

If this sounds like something you’d be up for, please contact us today at:


Tushie Tuesday | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer

Tuesdays are a perfect day to show off those tushies! Lacy panties are the perfect style to complement any booty. Mrs C came into the studio to create a special gift for her hubby to be. And if you could see her entire session… you’d know it knocked his socks off when he opened his Album on their wedding day! I’ll have to share more on that soon πŸ™‚

There’s still time to schedule those Boudoir sessions you’d like to gift for Christmas! We can have any of your products ready to be wrapped, and placed under the tree before Christmas.
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Professional Hair and Makeup | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer

We love that we have some amazing professional Hair and Makeup artists available here at Blush Boudoir Photography Studio. You can add Hair and Makeup onto your Boudoir Session and have one of our awesome professional artists create an amazing look for you, to add that extra wow factor! I’m ok with my day to day makeup routine… But I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to that! πŸ™‚ I also add hair and makeup onto my sessions when I have my own personal boudoir sessions. I personally like to have that time to get all dolled up and have portraits that wow my hubby!

I absolutely love how added fake eyelashes make your eyes stand out! I don’t have long beautiful eyelashes, but when you add those, your eyes are just drawn to her eyes in the portraits… Isn’t she just beautiful!?

Contact us at for more information on our custom boudoir sessions here in the Denver Colorado area, as well as for booking..

Denver Boudoir Photography | Broncos

Football is back! I’m definitely not liking how they played the other night but they are still my team! I think we would still be great if we had Manning on the team, but oh well. I hope this season is much better than the last few we had… fingers crossed.

I love it when the ladies bring in their man’s favorite sports team jerseys. They do make fore some fun sets. We are in Bronco’s country for sure, so we get a lot of orange and blue coming into the studio, but I get a lot of baseball teams as well as college teams too. I’ve even had some fun snowboarding gear brought in πŸ™‚ If you have a fun hobby or spot that you or your significant other is a fan of, please let me know and we can incorporate some fun into your Denver Boudoir Session.

These images would make for an awesome calendar for 2020. Your guy would be floored when he opens his gift from under the Christmas tree this year πŸ™‚ Contact us to about setting up your custom boudoir session here in our Thornton Studio. Email us at


Thong Thursdays… |Boudoir Photography Denver CO

Happy Thursday Denver!


Mrs L | Thornton Colorado Boudoir Photographer

I LOVE shoes! Anyone feel the same as me? I love when ladies come into the Studio with awesome heels for their outfits. I believe the shoe makes the outfit.. and that is the same with lingerie πŸ™‚ It’s an awesome accessory like jewelry. Mrs L brought some amazing cheetah print heels and I so wish I had some! We do carry a large variety of colored heels in our Studio wardrobe, so if you have a certain outfit or lingerie that you can’t find the perfect heel for… just let us know and we can make sure we get those out for your upcoming session…


Simple Boudoir Session | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photography

Don’t ever think that just because you’re no longer in your 20’s that you can’t come in the Studio and rock a Boudoir session. Also don’t ever think that just because your want to have a Boudoir session or capture your sexy self… that you have to be half naked and in skin tight lingerie… that would be incorrect too!

I love when ladies bring in a simple t-shirt that their man loves, or an off the shoulder sweater or shirt. You don’t have to show off everything to feel sexy! And no matter your age, I want you to feel beautiful and go home with portraits you will feel confident about and that will blow your other half away…

Contact us today if you have any questions or if you have been thinking about having a session for yourself, or to gift to a loved one…


Boudoir Photography Session Denver Colorado

Did you know that you can have a Boudoir Session in our Studio and not have your images shared online? All the images you’ve sen shared online, are from those who give permission to share their portraits online. We never use your name or tag your Facebook in your portraits, and we don’t share them online before your wedding day or anniversary (for those getting them as a surprise for their other half). We have some ladies that ask us to share sneak peeks online, some that would like to use to shots like these so you don’t know who they are, and some that prefer not to have anything shared online… and that is totally fine! It’s all up to our Clients. We also only share tasteful portraits online. We have had some brave ladies that ask for nude sessions, but we don’t share those online. Did you know we offer a bravery discount for those who want to share their beautiful images online? Just ask us how to add that discount onto your next session…

We also have professional and private photo labs that we use for our clients, so we highly suggest you go through our Studio for your print and album needs. Instead of going to your local print shop at Walmart and having a high schooler print your photos out for you πŸ˜‰

Thornton Colorado Boudoir Photography

Loving Ms K’s Cat Eyes… and the pinup vibe I got from her style.


Mrs J | Denver CO Boudoir Photographer

Mrs J’s eyes are just stunning… This gorgeous Mama wanted to surprise her hubby with an awesome gift after baby number one. He loved his gift so much, that baby number two was shortly after πŸ˜‰
Here are just a few favorites from her Boudoir Session in the Studio.
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