Outdoor Boudoir Photography Denver Colorado

I just love the warm weather and it’s so close!

I can’t wait to get back out there with some outdoor Boudoir sessions with you ladies. Those are always fun.

Interested or have any questions about an outdoor Boudoir session here in the Denver area? Please ask away!

I think Boudoir photographers should get on the other side of the camera every once in while, even with boudoir… and why should clients brave the outdoors if we can’t ourselves?

Welp I’ve taken that challenge and I hope you will too 😉

16x20BoudoirBSee its not that bad! 😉

You can have fun with things you have in your closet… it doesn’t all have to be risque’ or lingerie..

Handmade tutu… and fun pieces from Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Pacsun

Hope to se you in the studio!