Outdoor Boudoir Photography Denver Colorado Area


Warm weather is coming!!

Well it’s here I guess… but the beautiful Colorado greenery hasn’t caught up just yet…


But we should have most of that next month, so it’s the perfect time to start planning your outdoor boudoir session for here in Denver! :)

Outdoor and on location Boudoir and intimate photo sessions aren’t as scary as they seem.

We can be as tasteful and conservative as you’d like. We have lots of ideas for outfits and lingerie that would be perfect for your outdoor session. We keep and Inspire Board over on our Pinterest page (search for us or we can send you the link when you contact us).

You would never know that most of your regular day to day wardrobe could be used for a sexy intimate boudoir session outdoors, but you’d be surprised.

Let us help you plan an awesome boudoir session to gift to your husband and make his jaw drop!

Contact us today: brandycaruso@yahoo.com

(( we will send you lots of information about our Boudoir sessions in a beautiful Magazine ))