Boudoir Photography Denver Colorado Curves


Flaunt those curves!

I have had ladies come to me and say they want to have beautiful boudoir photos taken of themselves, but they aren’t where they want to be just yet with their body.

Listen to me!

You are beautiful just the way you are! And your man loves you just the way you are!

But we can definitely help you with outfits that are best for your body shape and if you have certain areas that you are worried about or don’t like as much, I will pose you in a manor as to hide those little areas. That is why you hire a professional boudoir photographer :) I have seen images from hobbiest and beginner photographers alike here in the Denver area, that pose ladies in unflattering ways, and those photographers are more than likely on Craigslist or super duper cheap 😉

We also fully edit your images. No super plastic like fake editing, but to show off the real you. We edit out those pesky blemishes that always like to pop up the day before our photo sessions. We also edit out scars, stretch marks, cellulite, bruising, elastic band lines from clothing and anything else that you’d like to not have in your images. We can also “tuck” areas that you’d like smaller or less of… and we can do the opposite and make areas larger if you wish too … like booty and chest 😉

All this is in your session pricing! Unless its something really extreme that you’d like taken care of, like a large tattoo in a place you don’t particularly want in your images, then there would be an extra fee for those images you’d like to purchase.

If you have any questions about a session you’d like to book, please contact us today…